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A Wisconsin-based wire and cable company, Excel Connection is a respected manufacturer of lead wires, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, ribbon cables, coaxial cables, fiber optics, power cables, heavy gauge cables and electro-mechanical panels.

Since founding Marshall Erecting in 1974 and Excel Connection in 1986, I have been fortunate to work with a great team of people that have helped the companies grow and prosper. In 1997, it became obvious that we had exceeded the size of the original location that housed both businesses in St. Francis, WI and we’d need to have space for each to expand independently.

After a three-year search, the property that we identified as ideal, based on size and location, was seen by most as 6.2 acres of back taxes and environmental problems. Formerly the location of Solar Paint and Varnishes, the EPA performed basic clean up and classified the site as a “brownfield” due to soil contamination. To me, it was a perfect opportunity to enhance our manufacturing capabilities and capacity, while performing some much needed community service.

Preparing the site for any type of redevelopment meant a long process of soil and water testing, lobbying governmental officials for funding and an EPA-approved clean-up. In 2002, the parcel was clean, the soil remediated, we were ready to occupy the two facilities Excel Connection and Marshall Erecting call home today.

A major endeavor, the transformation of this underutilized property is but one example of the passion that fuels our drive to lead the cable assembly and wire harness industry. We approach the challenges of each customer with a commitment to quality wire and cable products, diverse capabilities and fast turnarounds. The success of your products is our top priority.

Joe Marshall
CEO / President

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