Quality Inspector

September 8, 2020
  • DEPARTMENT: Manufacturing
  • LOCATION: Shop
  • SUPERVISOR: Production Manager
  • COMMUNICATES WITH: General Manager


  • Maintain quality standards in compliance with ISO 900 requirements
  • Maintain quality systems in compliance with audit standards, provisions of training documents, and customer requirements
  • Daily approve incoming raw materials, products in process, and finished goods using visual inspection and measurements to assure conformity with all applicable quality standards
  • Daily return nonconforming products for rework to standard
  • Manage Red Tag Log of non-conforming materials and work with Production Manager and personnel to reduce scrap
  • As needed keep measuring equipment functioning properly or call for necessary repairs to restore its accuracy
  • Ensure accurate partial list is maintained daily
  • Track RMA to resolve quality issues, assisting Engineering and Production Manager in root cause analysis and problem solving, recommending and supporting implementation of corrective actions
  • Maintain testing equipment in good working order


  • Set goals and objectives for the Quality Assurance department
  • Select, train, motivate production personnel on quality
  • Document and record quality performance test results
  • Assist in developing performance improvement targets for quality, service and efficiency
  • Assist in implementing quality improvement programs


  • Education: Two years related work experience and previous experience in wire/cable assembly a plus
  • Experience: Practical hands-on experience in a quality control department is desirable


Must be familiar with quality control standards and customer quality standards, and able to interpret and accurately determine compliance

Specific duty details for this role includes:

Partial List

  • Ensure partial list is maintained daily.


  • Tracking RMA and resolving quality issues via inspections/testing to meet quality, customer satisfaction and documentation. Understand complete process of work flow from customer order through shipment and quality returns.

Red Tag

  • Managing Red Tag Log for non-conforming materials and products in assembly areas and working with the production regarding scrap processes and tracking.

ISO9001 – IPC620

  • Maintaining the various quality systems (ISO9001, IPC620) in accordance with the requirements of the audit standards and training documents.
  • Approves finished products by confirming specifications; conducting visual and measurement tests; returning products for re-work; confirming re-work.

Test Equipment

  • Keeps measurement equipment operating by following operating instructions; calling for repairs.
  • Approves incoming raw materials and in-process production by confirming signature testing specifications; conducting visual and measurement tests; communicating required adjustments to production supervisor.
  • Provide leadership and feedback to product inspection team and management while enhancing workflow, productivity, and efficiency in the areas of in-process inspection, final inspection and shipping inspection.
  • Assist Engineering in problem solving and root cause analysis, product containment, recommends and supports the implementation of corrective actions that are necessary to reduce or eliminate recurring non-conformances.


  • Train production on quality standards and testing equipment for current projects/products. Assist in setting up goals and objectives for QA inspectors. Use skills and experience to make informative quick decisions and process improvements.


  • Create a list of checkpoints and set measurable criteria to check the quality on timely basis, ensuring processes are followed for testing 1st piece, IPI and final inspections.

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