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Maintaining the safety and integrity of your mining machinery is integral, especially in extreme conditions that put mining equipment under constant strain. As a respected manufacturer of electrical wire and cable products, Excel Connection can meet your needs when it comes to supplying solutions. We manufacture quality, rugged mining cable assemblies and harnesses for a variety of applications in mining machinery, including in cranes, shovels and drag lines.

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Mining Shovel Cable Harness Assembly

Cab Harnesses for Mining Cranes

More Mining Industry Wire & Cable Products

  • Service parts for mining cranes and trucks
  • Spiral-wrapped harnesses

Upholding Mine Safety & Health with Quality Controls

At Excel Connection we take pride in our quality and performance, as our record and clients will confirm. Our established quality processes and rigorous testing ensure all wire and cable assemblies will meet our customer’s specifications. Before they leave our facility, every product must pass multiple inspections and an electrical quality assessment to ensure your new mining equipment wiring system meets all requirements.

Durable Wiring Harnesses for Mining Machinery

Our wiring harness solutions for mining equipment are built to perform in demanding environmental conditions, withstanding dust, vibration, high heat, humidity, subzero temperatures and constant use. Not only are our wiring harnesses strong and reliable, they’re also easy to install. Faulty wiring and wiring upgrades can cause accidents and idle equipment. Minimize downtime for your mining fleet with proven wiring harness solutions from Excel Connection.

Cable Harness Assembly for VFDs Used in Mining Operations

Excel Connection also manufactures complex cable harness assemblies used for the control and operation of variable frequency drives (VFD). Our assemblies are typically installed in large explosion-proof enclosures where the drives provide power, control signals and notifications for a wide range of components including conveyors, pumps, fans and other devices used in mining operations. Excel Connection is a reliable partner to mining control equipment manufacturers because we help our clients reduce quality risk and improve lead times by applying our expertise in wire harness assembly.

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