No Compromise Quality and Service

Excel Connection is dedicated to providing courteous, timely and unmatched service. We define service as “Providing the highest level of satisfaction possible in ALL areas of daily activity.” This includes quoting, customer interactions, engineering, documentation, quality control, materials, ordering, production and shipping.

We promise to provide the highest level of customer attention and quality from development through on-time delivery, providing intensive crisis and peripheral support, as well as full traceability from start to finish.

Excel is proud to offer American-made products from a diverse and highly skilled production team at competitive prices.

From our customers…

“After dealing with a supplier who was unresponsive to our changing delivery schedule and the need for improved quality, we are pleased with Excel Connection. Efforts on our behalf, including personal deliveries, have been exceptional. Since we had not been kept up to date by our previous supplier regarding terminals and parts which had become obsolete, we especially appreciate all the hours of work put into rewriting all of our specifications and reworking all of our drawings for us. Excel has been a great help to our engineering staff, by providing samples and feedback on design of our new products, as well as your invaluable expertise.”

Buyer, Mining Manufacturer

“I would like to thank you and all of the individuals involved in fabricating our ‘rush’ cable order. The extra efforts made by Excel Connection allowed us to fulfill customer commitments, demands which we would have not been able to meet had your organization not given us the priority attention we received. I understand that sacrifices were made by many people within your organization, and I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for their activities on our behalf.”

Sourcing Manager, Medical Manufacturer

“Excel Connection’s outstanding support has strengthened our supplier/customer relationship and I look forward to another outstanding year doing business with you. All future business is directly related to your performance in the areas of quality, delivery, time-responsiveness and, of course, price. Your quality and price have been quite competitive and your delivery responsiveness has been superior. I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts in expediting our orders for us, particularly with the short lead times we challenged you with.”

Purchasing Manager, Industrial Manufacturer

“I can’t begin to tell you have impressed I have been with Excel Connection’s attention to every detail. I am totally confident that you will review each order and give us written follow up when errors do occur. Our compliance with ISO-9000 has been uniquely supported through your knowledge and experience in this world-class requirement. In one particular instance, late last year, Excel questioned and promptly addressed our specification of a particular terminal incorporated into several of our assemblies. My experience has been that this would have slipped past almost any other vendor. Your support saved our company from a very costly error. Also, the VMI program we have set up with Excel has given us great savings and we have reduced our inventory by well over a half-million dollars. All in all, I am very glad we partnered with Excel and I congratulate you.”

Senior Buyer, Utilities Manufacturer